Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Some pics from durian fest and ryan's 22nd bday

Durian festival held by RMIT SSAAnd my favourite pic...

Ryan's 22nd bday dinner at Sofia in Camberwell...long time since i took the train
Group picture
With my buddy, the bday boy RYAN...oh gosh my face is so round. Was browsing my old pictures taken 3 yrs ago and i realised i used to be much slimmer, SIGHZ...been gymless for a long while coz i'm sick. SO GUILTY...paying high gym fees without going~get well soon n get into shape most importantly. SAID THAT A THOUSAND N ONE be completed before end of 2007???hopefully*whispering softly*

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Reaching the age that i start to feel old

To some, they tried to convince me that i'm only 22 and i'm still young...but deep down inside,we all know the digits seem to jump faster after u turn 21. I really missed the times before i turned 21 and wish that time can turned back but is not possible. I really wonder will i meet the right guy to settle down 1 day and have a happy family of my biggest fear! If i do, i hope it will be a romantic proposal and an unforgettable wedding. The guy has to kneel down with a nice bouquet of 199 roses with a diamond ring(preferably pink diamond) and sincerely pop that question. I know i'm in my dream land...and we lived happily ever after with our kids and grandkids...HAHA!!! If only my life is such a fairytale~ Well i also hope my close friends will settle with someone who can give them happiness~ Who's first to invite me to their wedding and best be "sister"???
Something like this will be perfect yea??? wad u guys reckon...i'm greedy!!!

Monday, October 01, 2007

Fitness first body combat~enjoy:)

The last 2 weeks i havent been to the gym...really sinful~gym can be boring if one is lacking of motivation just like me when i get lazy. At the same time, if u learn how to enjoy the process it can be fun and enjoyable too:) especially for the body combat classes in fitness first. The video is pretty similar to what i learnt, which is also a time when u can sweat out your frustration while keeping fit. Like the video, the majority are woman:P and i really find them really attractive when in action!!!cheers and keep going~