Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Some pics from durian fest and ryan's 22nd bday

Durian festival held by RMIT SSAAnd my favourite pic...

Ryan's 22nd bday dinner at Sofia in Camberwell...long time since i took the train
Group picture
With my buddy, the bday boy RYAN...oh gosh my face is so round. Was browsing my old pictures taken 3 yrs ago and i realised i used to be much slimmer, SIGHZ...been gymless for a long while coz i'm sick. SO GUILTY...paying high gym fees without going~get well soon n get into shape most importantly. SAID THAT A THOUSAND N ONE be completed before end of 2007???hopefully*whispering softly*

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Reaching the age that i start to feel old

To some, they tried to convince me that i'm only 22 and i'm still young...but deep down inside,we all know the digits seem to jump faster after u turn 21. I really missed the times before i turned 21 and wish that time can turned back but is not possible. I really wonder will i meet the right guy to settle down 1 day and have a happy family of my biggest fear! If i do, i hope it will be a romantic proposal and an unforgettable wedding. The guy has to kneel down with a nice bouquet of 199 roses with a diamond ring(preferably pink diamond) and sincerely pop that question. I know i'm in my dream land...and we lived happily ever after with our kids and grandkids...HAHA!!! If only my life is such a fairytale~ Well i also hope my close friends will settle with someone who can give them happiness~ Who's first to invite me to their wedding and best be "sister"???
Something like this will be perfect yea??? wad u guys reckon...i'm greedy!!!

Monday, October 01, 2007

Fitness first body combat~enjoy:)

The last 2 weeks i havent been to the gym...really sinful~gym can be boring if one is lacking of motivation just like me when i get lazy. At the same time, if u learn how to enjoy the process it can be fun and enjoyable too:) especially for the body combat classes in fitness first. The video is pretty similar to what i learnt, which is also a time when u can sweat out your frustration while keeping fit. Like the video, the majority are woman:P and i really find them really attractive when in action!!!cheers and keep going~

Sunday, September 30, 2007

New friends made

On a sunny day in a mini bus...with a group of RMIT SSA people
Recharging with food (KFC) for energy...

Ready to battle in paintball...shoot!!!
With random pictures taken along the journey with new friends met:)

A seperate event...we had mexican food followed by clubbing at platform one. It was the 1st time ryan went to a club in melbourne so i decided to play host to treat him to the evil of evil shot, 151! It made him high...HAHA!!! Though we just know for a week, he's a nice friend to hang out with:P
Mexican dishes whipped up by indian chefs~

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Last semester pics~2007

Haven't blog in two weeks...i'm really an inconsistent blogger!!!just not my habit yet or never?hehe...anyway is just a quiet blog so not much of disappointment~1 week ago i shopped till i'm really broke,scary!!!Nothing much happen other than attending a few friends bdays and stay home cooking...
Juz some outdated i haven't been taking much photos lately!!!Y?Don't think i look good enough for the camera lens lately. Most impt, i haven't been going out much...i know i am a boring person and coping at home is not doing me good but i promise myself to start going out after 14th Sept after my assignments are all handed up and i will pamper myself before i start my preparation for the upcoming exams.Don't get me wrong,i am never the hardworking kind just that i like to slack my time off at home by doing nothing and it's really unhealthy.Either i am too lazy to go out or i really don't have many CLARA,pick up yourself n get a life.EXPAND YOUR SOCIAL CIRCLE!!!

Xmas 2006 inside a DC5 but not in my own baby...the rarely used pink LV bag is out to play!!!

F1 Melbourne 2007 together with the frankston babes & dudes

Pre-clubbing birthday dinner treat by frankston family but the steamed fish was really extortion man!!! This year, chocolates are used to replace the all time traditional bday years go by,i am more afraid to see the number of candles appearing on my cake...guess i have to either quit celebrating or no more cake tradition or just 1 candle will do,ya!

22nd bday clubbing at lavish...more drunk than last year's big 21st bash!

Post 22nd bday celebration by kor...treat to steakhouse!!!yummy but filled to the brim~

LASTLY, Thou shalt achieve my target weight~work hard in the gym after 14th Sept!!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Bakery mood!

Had a busy week before with assignments...therefore, i need to release some stress when its over!!! First thing that came to my mind is baking~
Baked muffins late last night and made pancakes this craziness plus its fattening, my poor housemate has to go through this madness with me~

The pancake with chocolate seems gross but it is quite nice just that it has too much chocolate in it that we gave up half way...if not there will be 2 merlions in the house:P

Recently after my personal training session and body combat classes in fitness first, i feel like learning boxing and of course i can't do it without a pair of lovely everlast pink boxing gloves. Hope they sell in Singapore so that my friend can get it for me and send it over instead of me ordering over ebay from united kingdom.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Uk civic type R!

Today i met up with gary and had a short ride in his brand new Uk spec civic type R...was too engrossed with the car that i forgotten i should take some pics of it. Before he could even run in, he already show me the power of vtec...really love sport cars~so tempted! For people, who don't really know me...i am a girl who can go crazy over cars more than those branded stuff. I am missing my black baby back in spore, my beloved dc5!!! Have not been to the gym often lately as i am tied down by assignment that is really driving me crazy...sighz! Back to the gym tomorrow, hopefully?I AM SO BORED WITH LIFE,how??? I need some excitement to spice up my lifeless days~

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Choco pleasure...esp kokoblack!!!

Korkor like to use kokoblack chocolates to bribe me coz he knows that i have soft spot for chocos as they make me is scientific proven!!!

1st it was for my 22nd bday...

There was once, he make me really angry...he came with kokoblack and he was immediately forgiven.

Most importantly, i am not forgotten till now when he's in Singapore. He got fabian to get me these!