Wednesday, June 04, 2008

No where to let it out so decided to just talk to my blog...

I am lost...i admit i am uselessly weak~i know my ex bf was not good to me but have been dragging on for a torturous 1 year until lately i just want to put a stop to all these because i just could not take it anymore. If i were to stay on with him is for all the wrong reasons coz i know hes not the one i want. I grew dependent on him and he's like a shelter to me when i have problem i will run to him though he never cared what has happened. I thought i was coping it well but probably not...and the reason is not because that i still love him and can't let go. Other than exam stress, i realise i am actually friendless which made me quite depress. Even close friends i used to have seems to be different already...i have no complains about them, they are still my close gfs but we cant hang out and have fun like before. I guess it is just me not being able to handle these friendships well and insecurity sets in too...I really do love them but i don't know how much they feel towards me. *** is my longest gf and i would consider that we went through thick & thin and shes like my best friend but i find that i cant communicate as well to her as *******. I am not comparing but i would ask myself did i not try hard enough to keep a stronger bond with her?
P.s. I am not targetting at anyone but just trying to reflect & let it out!!!
I know my life is already much better than many people & i should learn how to treasure. But i really hope to have strength to carry on the journey of life with love~

Monday, April 14, 2008

The gang!!!

This is my new hideout place...apartment 701 above Q-mart!!! Occupants of the apartment may feel intruded by a noisy greedy crazy pig and that is me:P but they are really a fun bunch. There is the chef Ah hong who always cook me nice food to eat, ivan who gangs up with me to trick Ah hong and JiaHui that keeps me entertain with her very own slang "pi ar" & "da ni ar":). Of course, not forgetting zee who is the other part-time housemate just like me~he is forever active and noisy! We also have another bunch staying very nearby...this conclude the gang. Everyone playing their own role. I am already missing them for 2 weeks for not being able to meet them ever so about when i leave melbourne???

Mee Siam


Ah hong's birthday

Wahahaha!!! U guys must be wondering what is this post doing here, right??? On the left is Ah hong who tries to imitate me touching my hair and i caught him in act. On the right is ivan, he seems like stoning and complained that i never gave him notice that i am going to take picture of him...That explains the next picture existence!!!

This is the act cute version!!! Ah hong and ivan are housemates:1 in the room and
the other in the living room having the same pose with the same hand. The funny thing it isn't prearranged at all??? LAUGH OUT LOUD!!! Of course the pictures at the bottom is me in pjs...kinda unglam, yea i know!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Wilson Prom...another alot walking day

Moomba festival 2008

Before moomba festival when i got nothing to do at home while waiting for my friends. Oh well...though i quit my cam-whoring but it is still healthy to have some self pictures now and then to leave some memories for me to look back next time...Main reason of quitting: fat!!! hope i get back to shape before i get too old. if not i will never get back that cam whore ME!!!

Went to this particular festival for quite a few times already since i have been in melbourne for quite awhile. This should be probably my last one and i will be missing melbourne badly once i am back in Singapore. Did not take many pictures but actually manage to take some kiddish rides which is quite challenging for my weak heart, even i am known to like speed but theme park rides are NEVER my cup of tea!!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Some pics from durian fest and ryan's 22nd bday

Durian festival held by RMIT SSAAnd my favourite pic...

Ryan's 22nd bday dinner at Sofia in Camberwell...long time since i took the train
Group picture
With my buddy, the bday boy RYAN...oh gosh my face is so round. Was browsing my old pictures taken 3 yrs ago and i realised i used to be much slimmer, SIGHZ...been gymless for a long while coz i'm sick. SO GUILTY...paying high gym fees without going~get well soon n get into shape most importantly. SAID THAT A THOUSAND N ONE be completed before end of 2007???hopefully*whispering softly*

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Reaching the age that i start to feel old

To some, they tried to convince me that i'm only 22 and i'm still young...but deep down inside,we all know the digits seem to jump faster after u turn 21. I really missed the times before i turned 21 and wish that time can turned back but is not possible. I really wonder will i meet the right guy to settle down 1 day and have a happy family of my biggest fear! If i do, i hope it will be a romantic proposal and an unforgettable wedding. The guy has to kneel down with a nice bouquet of 199 roses with a diamond ring(preferably pink diamond) and sincerely pop that question. I know i'm in my dream land...and we lived happily ever after with our kids and grandkids...HAHA!!! If only my life is such a fairytale~ Well i also hope my close friends will settle with someone who can give them happiness~ Who's first to invite me to their wedding and best be "sister"???
Something like this will be perfect yea??? wad u guys reckon...i'm greedy!!!

Monday, October 01, 2007

Fitness first body combat~enjoy:)

The last 2 weeks i havent been to the gym...really sinful~gym can be boring if one is lacking of motivation just like me when i get lazy. At the same time, if u learn how to enjoy the process it can be fun and enjoyable too:) especially for the body combat classes in fitness first. The video is pretty similar to what i learnt, which is also a time when u can sweat out your frustration while keeping fit. Like the video, the majority are woman:P and i really find them really attractive when in action!!!cheers and keep going~

Sunday, September 30, 2007

New friends made

On a sunny day in a mini bus...with a group of RMIT SSA people
Recharging with food (KFC) for energy...

Ready to battle in paintball...shoot!!!
With random pictures taken along the journey with new friends met:)

A seperate event...we had mexican food followed by clubbing at platform one. It was the 1st time ryan went to a club in melbourne so i decided to play host to treat him to the evil of evil shot, 151! It made him high...HAHA!!! Though we just know for a week, he's a nice friend to hang out with:P
Mexican dishes whipped up by indian chefs~