Monday, April 14, 2008

The gang!!!

This is my new hideout place...apartment 701 above Q-mart!!! Occupants of the apartment may feel intruded by a noisy greedy crazy pig and that is me:P but they are really a fun bunch. There is the chef Ah hong who always cook me nice food to eat, ivan who gangs up with me to trick Ah hong and JiaHui that keeps me entertain with her very own slang "pi ar" & "da ni ar":). Of course, not forgetting zee who is the other part-time housemate just like me~he is forever active and noisy! We also have another bunch staying very nearby...this conclude the gang. Everyone playing their own role. I am already missing them for 2 weeks for not being able to meet them ever so about when i leave melbourne???

Mee Siam


Ah hong's birthday

Wahahaha!!! U guys must be wondering what is this post doing here, right??? On the left is Ah hong who tries to imitate me touching my hair and i caught him in act. On the right is ivan, he seems like stoning and complained that i never gave him notice that i am going to take picture of him...That explains the next picture existence!!!

This is the act cute version!!! Ah hong and ivan are housemates:1 in the room and
the other in the living room having the same pose with the same hand. The funny thing it isn't prearranged at all??? LAUGH OUT LOUD!!! Of course the pictures at the bottom is me in pjs...kinda unglam, yea i know!

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